Ee Charitra Inkennallu 2016 Watch Online, The story deals around an encounter specialist Sakthi vel who does nearly 16 encounters..Ee Charitra Inkennallu Full Movie online,

Ee Charitra Inkennallu 2016 Cast and crew

ee charitra inkennallu full movie

Directed and written by : R.P. Ravi
Starring by : Amitha, Vatsan Chakravarthy, Vaishali Deepak
Genres: Action | Thriller
Country: India
Language: Tami


a encounter specialist Sakthi vel who does nearly 16 encounters, But later he learns the hard truth that all his encounter operations have been to safeguard the interests of corrupt politicians and businessmen. To overcome this damage, he tries a lot but he understands that it is too late and even because of this four innocents were attacked with a damage to their life. Who are they four? How they became victims because of the encounter specialist? Finally, what he did forms the rest story.

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