Eedu Gold Ehe Watch Online  Eedu Gold Ehe Full Movie,Story on Sunil is a gold-hearted, naive person. He is supposed to be a bad omen for whoever he works..,

Eedu Gold Ehe 2016 Cast And Crew 

Eedu Gold Ehe full movie

CAST –  Sunil, Sushma Raj, Richa Panai
DIRECTOR Veeru Potla
DURATION 02 hours 03 minutes
GENRE – Drama

Edu Gold Ehe Watch Online HD

“Eedu Gold Ehe” film came out with unique with a good number of suspense thriller posters. However, the movie of the story kept unknown in order to maintain curiosity in the audience, apart from this film has good promotion strategy. Movie crew chooses perfect stars to make a wonderful flick like Eedu Gold Ehe. Since a long time Sunil looking for a big hit, his previous flicks didn’t get that much response from the audience, though he is trying his best to show what he can do entertain the audience. Hope at least this film becomes a huge success at box office and make record breaking collection…,

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