Watch Online Jaguar 2016, New Telugu bilingual romantic action film.Story on first year MBBS student. Deepti Sati is the female lead of the movie..Jaguar Full Movie Online,

Jaguar 2016 Cast And Crew

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There is a scene where, after a final year MBBS student narrates a short flashback involving Vishwa Ramachandrayya (Rao Ramesh as an altruistic, philanthropic doctor), the hero takes a deep yawn.  The yawn is important.  That’s very much the audience’s condition after the flashback.  The story is thanklessly predictable from that point, if it wasn’t before that.  Only that the hero’s character is used to mislead the audience into thinking that the Jaguar is actually a selfish maniac (‘In order to go a step further, I am ready to worship ten or oppress a hundred’).  Or that’s what the writer’s delusion was. ..

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Synopsis : Nikhil, the hero of the movie, plays a character Krishna,

Arya, a character played by Adarsh, is a final year student who always fights for goodness and discipline inside the college campus. At a particular situation, Arya goes against the system when Ajay, a character played by Loki, creates a nuisance.

The protagonist, may look selfish, but he fights indirectly for the same cause as that of Arya’s.
The film is all about how the hero stops the entire system from running the medical colleges and hospitals in an illegal way



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