Odd Brodsky (2016)

Watch Odd Brodsky Online, Story about A quirky dramedy about a woman who quits her steady job to become an actress. Odd Brodsky Full Movie Online Putlocker,

Odd Brodsky (2016) Cast and Crew

Director Cindy Baer
Writers Cindy Baer, Matthew Irving
Stars Tegan Ashton Cohan, Matthew Kevin Anderson, Scotty Dickert

Odd Brodsky Synopsis

Thirty-something Audrey Brodsky, (Tegan Ashton Cohan) will do just about anything to find her big break in Hollywood. Encouraged by her mother (Jesse Meriwether) from a young age, little Audrey (Ilana Klusky) makes a grave-side promise to become an actress. She grows up, moves to Hollywood, and has great success! …working 40 hours a week at an office job she hates. Audrey finds camaraderie with “the Angels”, an empowerment group of five girlfriends who encourage one another through tough love. Here we meet fellow Angel Sammy (director/actress Cindy Baer) who is also stuck but in a different way. She is obsessed with a movie she directed ten years ago, which is a nod to Baer’s real-life directorial debut Purgatory House (2004). When Audrey finally quits her job antics ensue as she fumbles to create her new life



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